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archive: First HL2 Art Mods Rolling In
Posted on Thursday, January 06 @ 13:18:23 CET by julian

Art Mods
..and about time..

GMan, whose chilling wiles will be plaguing the dreams of millions right now, has been immortalised in this dreamy portrait, one that exposes the in-game blur effect capable with Half-Life2.

However this is probably the most melancholic fragment of a mod largely designed to explore absurdist situations. For instance few times in life does one have the opportunity to "fire a load of melons at a wall" or "string a soldier up and fire dead babies at him" - such is the licentious yet very thorough quest of Garry.

TY Chad!.

What can you do? From Garry's Mod Wiki

In Garry's Mod, the simple answer to this question is: Anything! Create a comic strip, make a crazy contraption, set up a huge monster fight, build a fort online with your friends, the possibilities are endless. The creativity of GM users never runs out and new innovations are seen almost daily. Here's a quick rundown of just how much freedom you have in Garry's Mod:

* Create any object or character ragdoll that exists in Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike Source, then arrange or pose them as you please with a super-powerful "physics gun".

* Change the facial expression and eye position on a ragdoll to anything you please.

* Easily attach objects to each other in numerous ways, from a simple weld or rope to springy elastics, ball-and-socket joints, and pulley systems.

* Make any kind of contraption you want with keypad-controlled thrusters, rolling wheels of various sizes and types, and balloons to lift things up or weigh them down.

* Change the color and transparency of any object, or apply a Material to make something look like flowing water, stained glass, swirling energy fields, and a whole lot more.

* Unlimited levels of Undo! No worries if you've made a mistake; take back ballsockets, wheels, and everything in between with a single keypress.

* Create fully functional NPCs from Half-Life 2 and arm them with a variety of weapons to make your own massive Combine vs. Rebels vs. Antlions battle (or whatever else you want).

* Use the built-in Camera tool to take pictures of your work without the HUD, even adding a Depth-of-Field effect to blur the background or using the Bloom and Colour Mod effects to add vibrancy or drama.

* To add visual interest, paint an object with decals like bullet holes and blood spatters, or set anything on fire for the pyromaniac in all of us.

* All of this works online, too! Create or join a server for co-op construction or just a crazy game with your friends. You can even play through the chapters of Half-Life 2 online, with a few other players at your side and enemy health modifiers for increased challenge.

* There's even stuff for map-builders: Set up a complicated scene in Garry's Mod, then use the "Export to Hammer" feature and all of your objects will be handily relocated to the Hammer editor.

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