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selectparks: Art Mods

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Art Mods

Virgil de Voldère is proud to present its second solo exhibition with Brody Condon. In the three works on view, the artist digitally reconstructs a trio of well-known late-medieval paintings from northern Europe by Hans Memling, Dieric Bouts, and Gerard David. By re-imagining the religious content of the original works, the artist presents calm scenes of transcendence that slowly give way to anxiety and spiritual trauma.

For 3 Modifications, Condon modifies current computer games with strategies and tools taken directly from online participatory subcultures to create slowly animated, transfigured works that function as moving paintings. The subversive tactics of hacking and the intervention into commercial computer games that characterize the artist's previous work, however, have given way to a critical examination of the politics of representation.

Read more here

Posted by rebecca on Thursday, October 25 @ 03:24:43 CEST ( )
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archive: Tekken Torture Tournament
Art Mods

For some retarded reason Tekken Torture Tournament, C-Level's completely rad performance-game-mod never made it into this version of the archive.

c-level 2001

Tekken Torture Tournament was a performance event combining the latest video game technology, untapped public aggression and painful electric shock. Willing participants were wired into a custom fighting system - a modified Playstation (running Tekken 3) which converts virtual on screen damage into bracing, non-lethal, electric shocks.

C-Level appear to have disbanded now, but the physically brutal memories live on at their website:


Posted by rebecca on Wednesday, August 22 @ 14:04:30 CEST ( )
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archive: Nude Avatar Descending a Staircase
Art Mods

Wagner James Au, of New World Notes fame, interviews Tasrill Sieyes in his Nude Descending a Staircase avatar form.

Posted by christo on Monday, April 16 @ 06:45:38 CEST ( )
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archive: The Narrative Exploration Engine
Art Mods
narrative  engine screenshot

The Narrative Exploration Engine Beta 1 is a game modification for Quake 3 Arena. The aim is to shift the games focus from violence to a more simple exploration experience. The first release comes with two sets of maps, A Short Story About Falling, and Its Root must Hold the Sky. Both offer 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay, meant to immerse the player in a new environment whilst delivering a tale. Taking advantage of plain surfaces, these 3d worlds look strangely flat. Users are then propelled through the story by their own initiative, curiosity or by simply following a single path.

Produced by Alone, a visual and audio artist working in Cardiff, Wales. http://www.alone-music.co.uk for more information http://www.alone-music.co.uk/nee.zip Direct Download (55meg) link.
Requires Quake 3 version 1.32 to run.

Posted by rebecca on Tuesday, March 20 @ 00:00:00 CET ( )
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archive: Flowery Twats
Art Mods

Couldn't resist posting Kev_Boy's CS - Hostage Rescue set in Hotel Fawlty Towers.

Posted by christo on Wednesday, March 14 @ 03:20:01 CET ( )
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archive: Game Over by PEZ
Art Mods

Game Over by PEZ is a lovely animated reinterpretation of retro games using everyday household items. The audio effects alone make it for me, evoking a youth lost (possibly found) at the local milk bar. Via Kotaku.

Posted by christo on Tuesday, August 22 @ 09:26:55 CEST ( )
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archive: New movie added to archive: q3apd at Lovebytes06
Art Mods

As promised, here's a clip of 'q3apd' as presented at Lovebytes06. I've added it to the Movies archive. It's 84M and in the Ogg Theora format. It'll play with VLC on a Linux, Windows or Macintosh machine.

The work was presented for two weeks during which the 'game' autoplayed continuously - ie there was no human input. Four bots fight each other, dying and respawning, over and over again. One of the four bots sends all of it's control data to PureData which in turn is used to drive a score. It's through the ears of this bot that we hear the composition, driven by elements such as global-position in the map, weapon-state, damage-state and jump-pad events. For this reason game-objects and architectural elements were carefully positioned so that the flow of combat would produce common points of return (phrases) and the orchestration sounded right overall.

The scene was heavily graphically reduced so as to prioritise sound within the sensorial mix.

Posted by julian on Friday, June 02 @ 14:49:14 CEST ( )
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archive: Arsdoom
Art Mods Anonymous writes "
Arsdoom is a Doom II game modification made by Orhan Kipcak and his team for the 1995 edition of the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria. In Arsdoom the player becomes an active part of the ongoing exhibition, both by being able to explore a digital version of the Brucknerhaus venue and by having the power to kill off digital representations of the exhibiting artists, thus destroying them and their work.

Posted by rebecca on Monday, May 29 @ 03:05:55 CEST ( )
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archive: The Exposition of Mimsy - Preview May 19, Melbourne Australia
Art Mods

Contributing to the recent rise in interest in independent computer games culture, students of RMIT's School of Creative Media's Animation and Interactive Media (AIM) postgraduate program are excited to announce the creation of "The Exposition of Mimsy", an innovative realtime 3D multiplayer play space. "The Exposition of Mimsy" is a fun play space were users can interact with each other and the various games within the space. Set in a giant gorge, the colourful "Exposition of Mimsy" is an exaggerated fantasy world where players encounter ideas of floating, suspension and magic.

A screening is taking place at 6pm on May 19th at the AIM studio Building 9, Level 3, Room 22 RMIT University, City Campus. Crn LaTrobe and Swanston Streets, Melbourne. The project draws on themes from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking-Glass" and Expositions as the past's view of the future. Operating as an exploratory multiplayer space, the game invites players to jive in the disco area, follow the twists and turns of the hedge maze, have fun with the giant ball area, explore the dense jungle and fantasy forest and race their friends in the bubble car track. It also showcases floating islands and a hanging lake, which encourages users to suspend their disbelief and embrace a world where anything is possible. The aesthetic sensibility takes inspiration from Art Nouveau but in a bright childlike way.


Posted by rebecca on Monday, May 15 @ 06:27:30 CEST ( )
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archive: Wolfengitmo
Art Mods Anonymous writes "

Mod for Wolfenstein 3d which moves the setting to Guantanamo Bay detention center. Orange jumpsuits, black bags on the head, zip ties on the hands of the player/prisoner. New duds for the guards and a new portrait on the wall. Crucifixes and attack dogs unchanged.



Posted by rebecca on Sunday, May 14 @ 05:17:21 CEST ( )
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archive: Chit Chat National Park
Art Mods

Chit Chat National Park is a full MOD of Unreal Tournament 04 engine made in 2005 by students at AIM RMIT. It is a 3D Real time Multiplayer ChatRoom / Playground, allowing users to append game-like expressions to their chat interactions, such as sending an animation with their chat message, and adopting 3D avatars. Chit Chat requires UT to run. We are looking at setting up a server on Selectparks to run it online, but if someone beats us to it please let us know.

Chit Chat has an incredible graphic style; applying superflat to a 3d environment. The teletubby-esque characters are adorable and sound like squeaky rubber toys. A rich visual stylization has been applied to vegetation and other natural elements. In a world this cute its easy to understand the lack of need for authored game play, as hanging out in the space is fun enough as it is.

Toshi Endo (Creative Director)
Christian Rubino (Technical Director)
John Power (Producer)

Download Mod Files
Short trailer showcasing the environment only
Full trailer
Help Files including installation instructions, in game instructions, explanation of mods made to game, and suggested settings.

Posted by rebecca on Sunday, March 19 @ 07:59:35 CET ( )
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archive: More HL2 Rube Goldberg device
Art Mods

HL2 Rube Goldberg device linkage. Many of the experiments seem to be down, although its worth trawling if you're into the genre. This one's a doozy.

Posted by christo on Tuesday, March 07 @ 00:15:42 CET ( )
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tech: Magic-Eye Quake
Art Mods

Quake II AbSIRD mod, or how to get a migraine in 30 seconds flat.

Posted by christo on Monday, February 06 @ 05:53:39 CET ( )
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archive: distellamap
Art Mods
Ben Fry has made some great visualisations of Atari Cartridge game code, where go-to commands are represented by curves linking functions, and data is shown as blocks of on/off bytes (in orange).

Says Ben: "The original version of these images are a series of 13x19" prints where you can actually read the individual bits of text. I modified a version of distella to produce disassembled text output in the format that I wanted, and then used Processing to write a second program that creates the image of the output."


Posted by rebecca on Thursday, January 19 @ 00:00:00 CET ( )
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archive: Portable Gallery Exhibition #2
Art Mods
Portable Gallery has released exhibition #2 from their collection of Art, Games and Music for the PSP.

Posted by rebecca on Monday, December 19 @ 02:30:59 CET ( )
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archive: Hacking consumer electronics devices
Art Mods

More on topic... Gizmodo reports on Ibars' hacked vintage console game controlers. "Instead of repurposing or altering the objects themselves, Ibars connects one or more devices up to one another in order to challenge the relationship between branding and consumption."

Posted by christo on Monday, September 19 @ 04:06:14 CEST ( )
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archive: Low Frequency Emotion.
Art Mods
I-F-E-A-R is a project exploring an interesting, if not ambitious thesis. From the project page:

I propose to explore aspects of infrasound and their connection to emotion. Infrasound is synonymous with negative emotion, but how well can this emotion be controlled. Is it possible to use infrasound to specify definite emotions? To accomplish this I will use a corridor installation which will represent my virtual environment. This will be used to translate emotional events from a virtual world (the video game Doom 3) into the real world. I am going to control infrasound through eversion of data, so someone else will be defining the experience for the participant relinquishing control.

Brought to you via Chris of the excellent PIxelSumo.

Posted by julian on Monday, September 05 @ 15:22:31 CEST ( )
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archive: Paul Robertson
Art Mods

Paul Robertson, game animator, has an extended collection of short-movie length animations which roam the outer galaxies of his subconscious. Check out some images and gif animations here, or his film clip for Architecture in Helsinki "do the whirlwind" here.

Posted by rebecca on Thursday, August 25 @ 01:41:22 CEST ( )
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tech: Real-world effects game character
Art Mods

G-Link is a student project by Ross O'Shea. His device records real-world data and applies it to your Morrowind game character. I'd like to think we're going to see more cross-over functionality between 1st and 2nd worlds. Maybe we could track emotional state and blood pressure along side movement? I still get spooked when my SecondLife avatar types when I do.

Posted by christo on Monday, August 22 @ 09:34:32 CEST ( )
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archive: A Topography of Game Data
Art Mods

From the Rom Color site:
"Expanding on the ideas started by people like Ben Fry and numerous emulation authors, ROM Color visually maps the data of Nintendo Entertainment System ROMs. However, instead of only constructing sprite data, ROM Color paints a picture of the entire ROM contents; the sprites, music and logic of an entire game."

Besos Marta!

Posted by julian on Tuesday, June 21 @ 16:01:09 CEST ( )
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archive: DEVMAP by Workspace Unlimited
Art Mods DEVMAP is a virtual world created with a modification of the Quake3 game engine. The project explores new zones of real-time communication and virtual experiences, while reworking and reprocessing textures, sounds, images and flows of information from last DEAF04. DEVMAP was created as a commissioned work for the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF04). Workspace Unlimited http://www.workspace-unlimited.org

Posted by rebecca on Wednesday, June 15 @ 00:00:00 CEST ( )
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archive: 911 Survivor Kinematic Collective. USA. 2003
Art Mods singleplayer mod for unreal tournament 2003
Download here. Homepage here. reimagine the last moments of life in the world trade centre

Posted by rebecca on Thursday, June 02 @ 12:35:50 CEST ( )
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archive: Alex Galloway presents his work in NY
Art Mods
jihui Digital Salon presents Alex Galloway
Wed., April 20, 2005 @ 7:00 pm

Posted by rebecca on Tuesday, April 19 @ 15:34:42 CEST ( )
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archive: First HL2 Art Mods Rolling In
Art Mods
..and about time..

GMan, whose chilling wiles will be plaguing the dreams of millions right now, has been immortalised in this dreamy portrait, one that exposes the in-game blur effect capable with Half-Life2.

However this is probably the most melancholic fragment of a mod largely designed to explore absurdist situations. For instance few times in life does one have the opportunity to "fire a load of melons at a wall" or "string a soldier up and fire dead babies at him" - such is the licentious yet very thorough quest of Garry.

TY Chad!.

Posted by julian on Thursday, January 06 @ 13:18:23 CET ( )
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archive: 'AIUEONN Six Features' by Takahiko Iimura, jp/us, 1993
Art Mods
Possibly the earliest game mod, Takahiko Iimura's 'AIUEONN Six Features' was made in 1993 with Sony’s mysterious realtime texture mapping ‘System G’ game technology. 'AIUEONN Six Features' is a game of works which explores the structure of language to represent differences between East and West conceptions of time and space. Originally a video installation, in 1999 Iimura produced an interactive CDROM of the work. The work is available on his website.

Posted by rebecca on Tuesday, January 04 @ 22:02:03 CET ( )
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archive: The Great Debate: Battlefield Vietnam
Art Mods Anonymous writes "Announcing: Battlefield Vietnam: The Great Debate

On Sunday, October 3rd, 2004, artist Joseph DeLappe re-enacted the first, 2004 Presidential Debate between Senator John Kerry and President George Bush in the PC online first person shooter game, "Battlefield Vietnam". "

Posted by rebecca on Monday, October 11 @ 03:46:07 CEST ( )
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archive: PainStation
Art Mods Anonymous writes "Enhanced Duelling Artefact, 2001-2004
Virtuality intervenes into the physical world through a game interface: Making mistakes results in real pain."

Posted by rebecca on Friday, October 08 @ 00:00:00 CEST ( )
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archive: Mimesia
Art Mods
Richard Brown's Mimesia describes a dreamlike hyper-real artificial world, displayed on a large screen LCD/Plasma panel as an interactive painting, it is navigated through head gestures via an IntelligentCamera interface, and rendered in real-time using GamesEngine Technologies.

Posted by rebecca on Monday, August 16 @ 23:20:35 CEST ( )
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archive: The Great Scam
Art Mods

"This is a story of deception, intrigue, and doublecrossing. It is a story of liars, bandits, and greed. It is a story of the worst of the human condition, and how the motive for profit will drive a normally nice guy to the deepest depths of evil and betrayal.

This is the story of my life in Eve Online."

Posted by julian on Sunday, August 15 @ 03:12:26 CEST ( )
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archive: RSG's Prepared Play Station 2
Art Mods
"Prepared PlayStation 2" (RSG-THPS4-1)—Using unmodified versions of the PlayStation game "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4," this piece exploits bugs and glitches in the code to create dirty, jolting game loops. Video games are both the medium and the content of the work; no additional footage or editing is used. After being "prepared," the game plays itself perpetually.


Posted by rebecca on Saturday, August 07 @ 00:19:17 CEST ( )
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