Kate Wild
Kate Wild has worked as a documentary and current affairs journalist in Australia and overseas for 8 years. She has worked for ABC TV on programs including 4 Corners, ABC documentaries and the news satire CNNNN.

Kate’s work on EFW has involved face to face interviews with former detainees and staff from various Australian detention centres; activist networks opposed to detention, journalists, human rights advocates and lawyers. Her research has also covered a vast archive of media reportage and official reports into the issue of immigration detention in Australia.

Kate plans on returning to investigative journalism once her contribution to EFW is complete.

Stephen Honegger
Stephen Honegger is an artist living and working in Melbourne Australia. He has participated in a wide range of individual, collaborative and curated exhibitions, both in Australia and overseas. Stephen’s work uses a variety of mediums including Painting, installation and video. Recently, he has been exploring the potential of using computer game engines as part of his art practice. Recreating real spaces in digital 3D has allowed Stephen to develop a reinterpretation of his approach to site-specific art practice.

Stephen's recent exhibitions include Hatchback at Uplands Gallery, Melbourne 2003; Primavera at MCA, Sydney 2003; Plasticine Park at ACMI, Melbourne 2003; Something Something Video Something at Artspace, Sydney 2003; Melbourne X, Canberra Contemporary Art Space 2003; de_ccp, at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne 2002 and Container, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne 2002. Internationally he has exhibited at Hot Rod TeaRoom, Oslo Norway and Outer Limits, Video Lounge, New York USA.


Ian Malcom
Ian Malcolm has fourteen years experience in the field of interactive entertainment. He has worked on 25 published game titles, including Star Wars, Looney Tunes Space Race and Men In Black II. As designer on EFW, his responsibilities include concept and level design, storyline and character development, cinematic sequence scripting and the production of design documentation.

He has also lectured on game design, and was a guest speaker at the 2002 National Screenwriter’s Conference, where he spoke on scripting game cinematics. Pest Control, a short film based on his script, received ‘Best Comedy’ at the 2003 Sour Grapes Film Festival.

Andrea Blundell
Andrea Blundell's qualifications include a Bachelor of Fine Art (RMIT) a Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Art (VCA), and an Advanced Certificate IV 3D Modelling and Animation (AIE). She has been exhibiting since 1996, and was a member of Grey Area Art Space. Her work has focused on the subliminal operation of sites, on the occupants and their bodies, and now concentrates these ideas into the computer game environment. Blundell specialises in the design and animation of 3D characters for multiplayer game communities, exploring ways players can immerse themselves further inside gaming worlds. Her work focuses on facilitating people’s need to be uniquely represented within virtual worlds, how in-game personas are constructed, and allowing deeper exploration of gaming's social landscapes. Blundell is striving to enable rich populations of player characters with diverse cultural traits and nuances.

Julian Oliver
A core member of the Escape From Woomera project and director of game art organisation, selectparks, Julian Oliver is a software developer, composer and media-theorist. Currently working as Guest Researcher at The Interactive Institute in Visby, Sweden, He has presented papers and artworks at major international electronic-art events and conferences worldwide. Under the moniker 'delire' has performed game-based compositions at prominent venues throughout North America, Europe, Japan and the South Pacific.

Julian's work in games began in 1998 with the modification of popular 3D shooter engines in an effort to bring disciplines of architecture and computer music to game design. Currently his personal work includes the development of unique engines entirely directed toward game-driven sound performance and installation.

In conjunction with various European partners, Julian is also researching extending the medium of the game for use in tactical media operations and as a unique and secure platform for communication using mobile devices.

Justin Halliday
Justin Halliday is an experienced computer game designer and producer with over ten years industry experience. He has worked as a designer and producer on a number of titles, including Shadowrun, True Lies, KKND, KKND Krossfire, Le Mans 24 Hours and Grand Prix Challenge.

Matt Harrigan
Matt has six years experience in PC-based 3D game programming. He's the lead programmer on EFW.

Darren Taylor
Darren is our tools and animation programmer.

Chris Markwart
Chris completed the Certificate and Advanced certificate IV 3D Modelling and Animation, AIE Canberra.

Character design and animation is Chris's area of specialisation, additionally he works as a 3D artist. Along with developing the character component of escape from Woomera, he is currently working on acmi park, selectparks current project, as a 3D character artist.


A group of detainees were put on a plane and told they were going to Canada. They were deported to Syria.

The Game is the ultimate piece of art, capable of incorporating all forms of art and expression known to humanity, expressed using all forms of technology, from the ancient to the bleeding edge, without compromising its identity as a game. - zerogame manifesto