elpueblodechina and Zosen

Noisehead, performed in piksel 2007, Bergen, Norway

We have worked bringing together street painting and noise music.
We feel there is a relation between the two dimensions, a relation that is based on the body. Painting and noise meet in a bodily dimension. We would like to reach exhaustion, or the moment where the two natures blend. We think of it as a metaphore of sexuality and of what we'd like to call the end of gender.

Zosen, has been developing street art since 1989 with a strong focus on DIY, social movements and animal rights.
pueblo, was born as a noiser and through her serpentine trajectory she is experimenting with sound, writing and circuit building.

Together we are developing a DIY experience to make customized and wearable artifacts. An example of this is the noisehead, a mask to perform electronic noise.
The mask as a fetichist object brings up the subject of personality and freedom. We wonder what are the inner prisons that keep us slaves of prejudices. Gender is a subject that shows this problem and we look for the means to liberate everything we can possibly become. This will obviously generate noise since our nature is made of half natures, bastard zones, half cooked personalities and a lot of social patterns that were slowly embeded in our learning.
Through the making of the noisehead we reflect upon this issues but in a way we don't mean to give answers, we would like to perform the questions and the answers. We are part of historical processes that are embodied in our noisy natures. We want to perform the multiplicities we are made from.

software and hardware used:
pure data, curcuit built synths, noise generators, paint.

Some samples of noise head


Samples of previous work

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