elpueblodechina and Zosen


We would like to make the process of designing and building noise toys open, giving a presentation and hopefully inviting people to make their own. We would very much like to do this in piksel festival context as a way to mix two ways of physical practice, circuit building and sewing. We consider sewing as a traditional form of technology, one that makes conversation and social exchange possible. We think this complements other technological practices giving them a daily life dimension. In this presentation we would like to show our work on masks and puppets and the crossing between noise units and wearable instruments.

Zosen, has been developing street art since 1989 with a strong focus on DIY, social movements and animal rights.
pueblo, was born as a noiser and through her serpentine trajectory she is experimenting with sound, writing and circuit building.

Together we are developing a DIY experience to make customized and wearable artifacts. An example of this is the noisehead, a mask to perform electronic noise.

software and hardware used:
circuit built synths, noise generators, fabric, recycled objects.

Some samples from workshops

workshop at roodpakje gallery (NL) x p discharge mailpuppet noisehead

performance noisehead