CFGOA Report: Hacking the Deep
Date: Tuesday, February 22 @ 16:11:20 CET
Topic: Digital Imaging

This image is from a marine biology page documenting the apparent recent discovery of a new kind of squid. Biologists have discovered the creature is extremely dangerous, able to latch onto the head and use the human as a host in the manner of infant Aliens, or Half-Life's angry roast chickens.

In an ongoing project to disturb myself with propoganda about tentacular horrors of the deep (yes, I have serious issues there - Lovecraft was right), I came across this page. While retching in a complex mix of horror and fascination, I noticed a familiar URL was being used to resource the image.. UbiSoft..

Instead of the acid-soaked mythos (think Phillip K. Dick) we saw with the I-Love-Bees ad-meme for Halo2, UbiSoft, producers of the upcoming title 'Cold Fear', chose brute-force-realism, deploying psuedo-scientific material as a viral link to their game. Cold Fear features the same creatures crawling into the heads of victims in the game - you can see a trailer in the site linked above.

A vast majority of the spoof's links are authentic (Marine Classification page, biological references etc), thus taking the proverbial cake as the most thorough hack of margins between fact and fiction I've seen yet online..

Congrats, you had me squirming.

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