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max_miptex : julian oliver and chad chatterton

- brief -

chad and I were playing around with running some of our half-life levels on a Hercules card [KyroII chipset] using the wrong drivers [Nvidia Geforce 2] . we suspected this might lead to something interesting, as they have very different ways of handling OpenGL. at first we thought the screen had hung, then it twitched into action, revealing slithers of the map we'd tried to load. we hit the strafe key and fragments of toothy texture peeled around our dyslexic camera. punching the air like heroes we dumped it onto DV while we fired a pistol into the splitting field and chatted to whatever distressed bots were in there. though the audio was good, we dressed it up further - I added a bedevilled midi theme piece to draw a closer relationship between the 'textile catalogue' nature of Max_Miptex and visions of the 'executive lounge' in the early 80's - when twisted willow, ebony vases and marlboro's were all ok.
we offer Max_Miptex as a kind of 'glitch machinima'.



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- notes -

to be actually viewable online this movie runs at about 7 frames a second which mean that alot of the detail is lost. when selectparks has an ftp server I'll put up a version that runs at a higher fps
this movie was made for and presented at the opening of 'bus' gallery in Melbourne Australia .

- appearances -

Bus Gallery , Melbourne, Australia 2001

the name Max_Miptex comes from an error that was given during the experiment. this is the half-life engines advice on recieving the error:

"The default maximum texture data usage has been surpassed. To fix this simplly replace textures with textures you've used somewhere else in your map or change the default maximum texture data to something else via the -texdata parameter. The default is 4096kb so try something like "-texdata 8192". Note: this parameter must be added to every stage you run. "