We need to dig a big hole to cook curanto. Deeper than in the picture. 2 meters wide and 1 meter deep

We need this kind of big round stones. The fire is lit on top of them and the red-hot coal stays on them.

I need to find this kind of fabric to cover the food with

We made individual packages for the food. Using this sort of nets, this is just a possibility not a must

We need a big amount of red-hot coal. Either we lit a big fire or we prepare them in barbeque style

We place the piezzos inside the cooking bed. An the transmitters around the hole
We place cabbage leaves on top of the red-hot coal and the food on top of them.

We place onions on top of everything and we make the fabric very wet before using it to cover everything

Curanto steaming... after 2 hours everything should be cooked
do you want to listen to it?

and ready to be served

We can expect some athmospheric response, like hail or snow. If you want to listen to it...

curanto wiki
with special thanks to my uncle Juan Carlos Godoy who taught me how to make it